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A New Role for the Telephone Box

A New Role for the Telephone Box on The Street

It’s been repaired and repainted, but looks rather forlorn having lost its purpose in life.   Some communities have turned their phone boxes into mini-information centres, as shown in the photos.  Why not get creative while you’re stuck at home and sketch out some ideas for doing something similar with ours?  To get you started, they might include:

·         a map of the parish

·         Stinchcombe’s history

·         walks and cycle rides (QR codes to get full details?)

·         advertisements for Stinchcombe businesses, groups or events

·         a showcase for local artists, craftspeople and even poets

Don’t restrict yourself though – anything that celebrates Stinchcombe and is useful and/or interesting to locals and visitors could be considered. 

The Cotswold AONB Sustainable Development Fund is a possible source of funding. Suggestions for other sources would be welcome.  

Please send your outline designs/funding ideas to enews for publication late May.

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