Welcome to Stinchcombe Village

The Village Pump

This “Village Pump” section is just a collection of news and events that are of interest to Stinchcombe Residents.

Open 2 All

Open 2 All. A village project to give disabled access to the church and kitchen and toilet.

The Village Calendar

The village calendar where meetings, events, and proposed events are advertised.


Have you seen our Virtual Village?

We now have the histories of Eight Houses, the Drinking Fountain, the Church, Stragglers Field, plus Farms, Families and people reminiscences all on the website!

The Street Before
The Street C1900s showing the “Young” Post Office on the right.

St Cyrs News

All Church related events are placed. St Cyrs is in the benefice of Cam with Stinchcombe in the Diocese of Gloucester. The Friends of St Cyrs are a very active group in the village that fundraises to help with the building and also helps with the cohesion of the village.

The Parish Council

News and information that comes from the Parish Council is added to the site when received.

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