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Why try to destroy the past – We’re all in this together

The impact of the corona virus pandemic with related losses and events has created a global stir that has shocked and upset people across the world. It has affected us all and the future has many unknowns. On top of this the outrageous death of George Floyd in the USA has ignited a further anger and an outpouring of anti –racism summed up by the concept “Black lives matter” but surely “All lives matter”?

To that end we need to actively find ways to cooperate and collaborate at all levels in society rather than focus on aggravating old wounds. Understanding the global issues and seeking solutions to our 21st century problems remains a central priority if we are to look forward and create a more enlightened world that recognises the challenges which face us.

Sadly, the destruction of our historic monuments and reminders of the past, whether from the ancient or more recent past, achieves little of real gain except to destroy our heritage. Judging history and times driven by different values and circumstances that we have not experienced, arguably serves to simply distract us from the problems we face today.

History for all countries is an important legacy and one which we should seek to learn from rather than eradicate. It records a diverse journey and many chapters in our development and survival, some of which are more praiseworthy than others. Yet, it can serve as a reference to educate us and inform future generations as we look forward to building a better world that addresses the issues and problems that we face today.

This means addressing racism, prejudice and fear of the unknown both individually and nationally in a spirit of common humanity rather than surrendering to confrontation and destruction. So let history remain as a point of reference from which we can learn, rather than resorting to the temporary euphoria of destruction, which has the implicit danger of disuniting and distracting from the real challenges which we need to face.

 Surely, addressing the shortfalls of our society both national and global should be the real focus for all of us at this time, rather than trying to judge the past by today’s standards.

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