Photo Competition – “Well I never”

“Well I never!

If anyone would like to enter for a bit of fun in 2023, all you need is a Brand New St Cyr Tea-Towel (of which I still just happen to have some!)

  • Take a Photo of your Tea Towel in the most extraordinary place on your Holidays through the Summer. As long as it fits the title of “Well, I never!”
  • No Photoshopped photos please. Phone photos are welcome.
  • No limit on the number of entries
  • £15 to enter when you collect your “Free Tea-Towel” worth £9.00.
  • Once entered, just email me with your entries, and a bit of blub…where, when, what and why!
  • Competition ends 1st September 2023
  • £100 first and only prize.
  • All proceeds to “St Cyr”
  • Have Fun with your tea towel!

P.S. Happy to deliver you your Tea Towel.