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The Village Hall was built in the 1950s. Maintaining the facility requires an ongoing programme of repairs and renovation.

The current Committee has a maintenance and refurbishment plan which includes needed repairs, improving insulation and ventilation; installing energy efficient and more attractive lighting; putting a speaker and hearing loop system into the main hall; refurbishing toilet areas; improving food preparation facilities; enhancing the ‘Committee Room’ so that it can be used for social functions as well as meetings; and redecoration. It is an ambitious plan, and will take time to implement, but it should secure the fabric of the building and help make it an environment for people in the village to use and enjoy.

We have recently been awarded two grants just under £11,000. In addition, several generous residents have volunteered to provide fittings, undertake some of the repairs, help in designing colour schemes etc. We are hugely grateful for their support, and for the grants, which will kick-start the refurbishment.

If any other people in the village feel they can help in any way, or are aware of potential funding sources to which we could apply, the whole Committee would be very grateful.

Please contact Ann Selby on 519139 or