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Toads on the Roads

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It may not feel like it yet but Spring is coming. The late afternoons are not quite as dark and the snowdrops are peeping through the grass. The changes are almost imperceptible but rest assured our amphibian friends will have noticed! In the next few weeks, when conditions are mild and warm enough (about 8degrees Celsius), toads, frogs and newts will begin their annual migration, returning to the ponds where they spawned to breed.
For many this journey includes crossing Wick Lane and or Church Lane, looking for a suitable gap in the hedges. For many this part of the journey doesn’t end well as they are killed by passing cars. The result is that our Common Toad is rapidly becoming not so common and could very soon be added to the Endangered Species List. In Stinchcombe, with the A38 Berkeley Bridge closure in February increasing the motor traffic on these toad crossings, it is no exaggeration to say that we could be facing a local extinction.
But not if you can help out. Join our band of Toad Patrollers and help protect Stinchcombe’s wildlife. Working on a rota basis, we patrol from just before sunset for an hour or two (depending on the toads), helping the toads cross the lanes safely and recording the numbers for the National survey run by Froglife.

Ours is an official crossing, registered with the Department of Transport.

You can register with Froglife as an official patroller or just contact me. You will need a torch, a bucket, high viz, warm waterproof clothing and footwear and a mobile phone. Under 18s are welcome but will need to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Last year’s rota was a great success and we saw the number of toads killed drop considerably. But, with the increased road traffic due to the bridge repairs, we definitely need more helpers.


For more information contact me
Jayne Kirkham 07711 568661