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Toad Patrol – End of Season

The end of season Toad Patrol report is in from Gloucestershire Toads on Roads ( opens in a new windowGlosToR).  This year we recorded 230 live toads, 66 dead on our registered crossing.  This reflects the results across the county with the numbers of amphibians recorded  down on previous years.  Good news though is that so was the death rate. The toads that did migrate had a better chance of getting across the road thanks to our excellent volunteers.

And they are excellent – we have one of the largest groups of volunteers in the county, meaning we were able to patrol a total of 64 nights from late January to the end of March, dealing with things like Storm Ciara and the Covid-19 lockdown with Stinchcombe stoicism and good humour.  A lot of evenings were too dry or too cold to expect amphibian action but ambling up and down the lane in the early evening had other rewards: owls, mice, foxes, badgers, the moon and the stars. 

Here’s to doing it all again next year.

Jayne Kirkham

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