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‘There but not there’

As part of Stinchcombe’s commemoration of Armistice on November 11th, we are planning to take part in the national art installation ‘There but not there’.  The installation of transparent seated military figures represent those who died in the First World War and whose loss would have been felt long afterwards in the local community.  To find out more about the idea behind the installation, please look at the website:  The figures known as ‘Tommies’ cost £42 each and are made by ex-service veterans employed by the Royal British Legion Industries and their sale supports charities identified on the website.

It would have been appropriate to have a ‘Tommy’ for each individual named on the war memorial but because of the cost, we have decided to buy two, which will be displayed over the Armistice weekend.  If you would like to contribute towards the cost, please contact me on 01453 545355 or