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Telephone Box

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pb2016-12-03-14-12-08Stinchcombe’s Telephone Box

In the early days of communication

Britain was a ‘telephone box’ nation

Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott

Stinchcombe was chosen as a ‘telephone box’ spot

Situated on the main Dursley to Wotton-under-Edge road

For anyone to use it – young, middle-aged or old

From inside the box painted ‘currant’ red

Over the years millions of words have been said

We used to have a chat in a box on The Street

But now we have mobiles, text, e-mails, skype and tweet

So let’s not forget the days gone by

When things went slower – and we all didn’t fly

Did the Yankee soldiers here ring Uncle Sam

To tell of their new loves in Stinchcombe and Cam?

Some of them did leave the Village for the USA

I wonder if any of them or their family would know Stinchcombe today

In the 50s and 60s taxis were called to go home from the Ball

pb2016-12-03-14-15-15Organised by Doris Hooper at the New Village Hall

No ‘phone in there – either then or today

So everyone needed small change in order to pay

Fayle, Falconer and Frazer were the Doctors about –

If you gave them a call they would always come out!

But ring McMeekin (if you dare) –

You had to be desperate to sit in his Dentist chair!

Need an ambulance, fire engine or policeman then dial 999

But get to the box fast or you might run out of time

Order your bread, papers, groceries or fish on that phone

One of our local shopkeepers would deliver it home

You could call all over the World via the operator to talk

But if there was no-one at home, it could be a long walk

And if the teenagers were chatting you might have to wait

Until their money ran out – or they’d fixed up that date

Press Button A if you get a reply

Someone’s answered, so don’t be shy

Press Button B to ‘get your money back’ action

Can’t Stinchcombe keep ours as a Village attraction?

Some have been adapted to house life-saving equipment

Easy to find and access for giving urgent medical treatment

Advertising of events, minutes, walks and attractions

Would be a help to visitors’ feedback and interactions

Come on Stinchcombe, its been there for years and not been abused

Give it a chance and let it be used

It belongs to the Parish

Please don’t let it vanish!



Margaret Wannell