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Telephone Box

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Stinchcombe’s Telephone Box

Since 1948, outside Combe House, by the gate
Some to love, and some to hate
There for all to use ,
But unfortunately for some, to abuse
Was at times considered a blessing ,
But for some proved very stressing
People stopped to make a call, but were caught in a disaster.
Cars drove past the “Buildings” much too faster
Bang they went into the car outside the box
More calls then, to be made from in the box
Requesting help from all and sundry
To clear the road, usually for Monday
Here you have it in a rhyme
Something that used to cause a crime
But cannot now cannot be used , even with a dime .
Mobiles phones are here to stay ,
But, need the phone box be put away
Maybe some , will want keep it
And perhaps some, will even paint it
But It belongs near Combe House gate, where it’s for sure
A Stinchcombe treasure evermore.

Ken Jelfs.