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TGIF Questionnaire

Your opinion is sought

The Rugby Club kindly agreed to open their bar to the village on certain Fridays, as the village doesn’t have a pub where everyone can meet and socialise. There were only 10 of us at the recent TGIF. Whilst it was pleasant enough for us, it is now uneconomical for the staff.

We need to decide on the future and the format of the event. Therefore, we would appreciate if as many villagers as possible could kindly complete the questionnaire by the end of the month.

Please reply by 31st October.

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Thank God It's Friday Logo

TGIF and the rule of 6

The purpose of TGIF

The whole raison d’etre of the TGIF is to help the residents of Stinchcombe to mix socially. To this end the Friends of St Cyrs hold these irregular social get togethers for local villagers to meet.

The Rule of 6

  • Pubs, restaurants, shops and other venues are to remain open, and there is no limit on how many can enter them, if they comply with safety rules and allow for social distancing.
  • However, each individual group can have no more than six people in it.
  • Venues must allow for social distancing between groups.

Rugby Club

The Dursley Rugby Club is happy for TGIF to go ahead and hopefully if this weather continues we will be outside. However the existing guidelines have been added to with two new rules.

  1. You must wear a mask when moving around the venue and only remove it when you have taken your place at your table.
  2. Once you have chosen a table your MUST stay at table for the duration of your stay.

We therefore look forward to seeing everyone at TGIF this week, 18th September from 6.00pm at the Rugby Club.

Thank God It's Friday Logo

TGIF – Friday September 18th

What is TGIF?

Are you social? Want to meet your neighbours? Want to know what is going on in the village? Want to interact in a friendly atmosphere with others? Then TGIF is for you. We meet at the Rugby Club Social Club once or twice a month and when only local Stinchcombe residents are invited.

The only TGIF in September

New Month and New Logo. Don’t forget only one TGIF this month. At the Dursley Rugby Club at 6.00pm on Friday 18th September.

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