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Stinchcombe’s Great Migration

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It’s almost That Time. The start of Stinchcombe’s own Great Migration!

Who needs thousands of majestic wilderbeast sweeping across the Serengeti when we have our own terrific toads making their way to the Ancestral Pond. 

When the weather conditions are right, over 8 degrees C, wet and just after sunset, it can be quite a spectacle that we wouldn’t normally see as they cross fields, hidden by the grass and plants. 

Thanks to the tarmac of Church Lane, we can see them sometimes in their hundreds.  Trouble is they are now at their most vulnerable and every year many many toads, frogs and newts never make it; squashed by passing cars.  The result is that our once common toad is not so common anymore.

If you would like to help, Jayne Kirkham is coordinating this year’s Toad Patrol rota.  If you sign up with national charity Froglife, (see link at bottom) who run Gloucester Toads On Roads (Glos TOR), they will not only put you in touch with Jayne but you’ll be adding weight to their conservation campaign. The Patrol is registered Stroud District, Stinchcombe Church Road 657.

To download a quick video to see what it is all about CLICK HERE! (Warning! this film is NOT for the faint-hearted !!)

To sign up to Help CLICK HERE!