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Stinchcombe Theatre Club

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Would you be interested in a Local Theatre Club? There are many local theatres with excellent plays and shows in our area and within an hours bus ride from Stinchcombe. From, Bristol to Bath, Malvern to Cheltenham most London shows now tour.

A local Theatre Group would hire a bus to pickup people from a central location to take them to the theatre door. Then after the show return back. Any savings made on tickets would be passed on after the hire costs and expenses.

However, like TGIF, the main benefit would be to the community itself.

If you like this idea please register your interest by emailing enews @ with your thoughts, suggestions of shows you would like to see in the next 6 months and whether you would like to help in the organisation and choosing of them.

Please reply if only to say no as we do need 20 or so to make it feasible and to take the idea forward. Our last village started their theatre group small and now runs TWO coaches for each trip and usually with a waiting list.