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Stinchcombe TGI Friday

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The inaugural TGI Friday went extremely well and was supported by at least 50 people throughout the evening. There was a good cross section of villagers of all ages and I met  newcomers to the village as well as folks I hadn’t known who’d lived here for several years. The Rugby Club were very accommodating and with space for youngsters to run around  seems an ideal venue. And the drinks were club rather than bar prices.
With several apologies for the evening it seems we could do it again. We initially thought a 4 week interval would be OK but that takes us to Good Friday. 3 weeks is the village quiz and 5 weeks seems rather a long time. So we’re planning the next TGIFriday for 2 weeks (31st March) when hopefully the weather will be more “lamb” than the “lion” of last week (when the goalpost blew down!) 

Starting again 6.00 pm and finishing around 7.30pm. So why not pop in and meet up with other villagers?