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Stinchcombe Hill Open Meeting

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Wednesday 29th February 2012 at 7.30pm
The Meeting Room, Stinchcombe Village Hall

Bench at Stinchcombe Green

Stinchcombe Parishioners are invited to an open meeting to learn more about Wildlife Management of Stinchcombe Hill through Environmental Stewardship.  The speaker is Jenny Phelps from Gloucestershire FWAG (Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group).  The Trustees have entered Stinchcombe Hill into a Higher Level Stewardship Agreement with Natural England to help manage the Hill as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  This includes the re-introduction of grazing of cattle on selected areas of the Hill and restoration of the Hill fort, together with increased educational access and support.  Gloucestershire FWAG would very much welcome our involvement to make sure that this is successfully achieved for users of the Hill and would value highly Stinchcombe residents’ opinions on what is right for our Parish.  Stinchcombe Hill is a valuable asset to the Parish especially as our Village Green is situated on the top of the Hill.

If Possible, Please do come along to find out more information on the scheme and to make sure our opinions are heard.