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Speedwatch Meeting

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On Saturday 27th February, 18 residents attended a meeting with the Police which was a follow-up to one held in October to discuss concerns about traffic speed in the Village. As a result of the previous meeting, monitoring equipment was set up in November and December on the Street and Taits Hill Road and the results of the monitoring are now available.


In a two-week period, 57,025 vehicles were recorded on the Street and of these, 3,304 were travelling at 36mph or more (the speed at which Police would stop and caution or fine), actual figures being:

36-40mph – 2,761 cars and 18 lorries/other large vehicles

41-45mph – 429 cars and 4 lorries/other large vehicles

46-50mph – 78 cars and 1 lorries/other large vehicles

51-55mph – 11 cars

56-60mph – 2 cars


Also over a two-week period, figures 97,802 vehicles were recorded on Taits Hill Road of which 1,341 were travelling at more than 36mph. The details were;-

36-40mph – 1,204 cars and 4 lorries/other large vehicles

41-45mph – 109 cars       

46-50mph – 14 cars and 1 lorry

51-55mph – 3 cars

76-85mph – 1 cars

There was a strong feeling at the meeting that these figures are deceptive as the monitoring equipment on Taits Hill Road had been placed too close to the bends and junction at the Yew Tree and it may be possible to repeat the exercise with equipment in a different location.

These figures are not considered to constitute a serious enough problem to warrant the Police or Highways taking any further action (which normally only happens when 50% or more of vehicles are speeding) but several residents have already volunteered to form a Community Speedwatch Group to carry out further monitoring, which the Police believe is in itself a deterrent to speeding. If you were unable to attend the meeting but are interested in being part of this group, please contact Marian Shaw ( for further details.