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ahThis year’s Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust Ride took place on 10th September 2016 and I took part in support of St Cyr’s Church in Stinchcombe. This was the third time that I have been involved, and had decided that I would limit the objective to visit as many churches as I could visit in 6 hours.

I started my ride at 12:00 noon (to try and avoid most of the rain) and finished the ride at 18:20 hrs, having cycled 89.6 km and visited 43 churches! The day dried out after a couple of hours and it ended up being a very pleasant adventure around the district. It was great to be able to see such a wide variety of styles and features although, sadly, not all the buildings were open. Happily, some kind folks had arranged for refreshments and biscuits at a selection of Churches and these were gratefully consumed at various intervals.

In case you are interested, my progress may be visible to you at the webpage, which was tracked by the bike gadget that monitored where I went and at what speed – lots of geeky data for those to whom this is important (like me!).

All sponsorship will be split equally between the Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust and our own church, St Cyr, and I would like to sincerely thank all the kind and generous supporters who provided me with the necessary motivation to push myself to the total number achieved

If you are interested in challenging yourself to have a go next year either on foot, on horseback or on a bike, do let me or the churchwardens know and we will provide further information during 2017

Andy Hamilton.



I followed your link and then also the next link “Whoever has the KOM here is very naughty indeed ”  – I’d LOVE to do this speed through Dursley!