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Rebuilding Costs

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We all have to get house insurance once a year every year, but what is your house rebuilding cost?

I have been send in a website and information that might prove interesting and help you fill in that box on the quote.

First the Website:  The Association of British Insurers or (it has lots of other useful information)

but the page you want is the Public Rebuild Calculator or

This gives you access to their Calculator which will help you with the possible rebuilding price for your house. Only four tries, so don’t waste them and remember its only a public calculator, but it might surprise you.

The only other thing you need to fill in this form is the area of your house….and you can do this using Google Maps.!

  1. Pull up Maps and zoom in to your house.
  2. Right click on a corner and select “Measure Distance”
  3. Then left click around your house.
  4. You will then obtain your house area. See below for an example using the Village Hall.

Let me know how you get on.