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Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacon

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The Queens 90th Birthday Beacons are on 21st April 2016.


Unfortunately, because of insurance issues, the Parish Council will not be organising a beacon on Stinchcombe Green to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.


However, I have been advised that the Stinchcombe Hill Conservation group are burning some brash up at 8.30pm on the 21st April on Stinchcombe Green and anyone walking on the footpath at that time would have a good view of it and other “Beacons” being lit across the Severn.

As this is not a public event and only burning of brash, there will be no structures at the site, no fencing or ropes. Any public must keep soley to the path and away from the fire.


The Conservation group do good work on the hill and if you are interested in helping, this might be a good time to talk to their leader, Chris Wiltshire.