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Puddleditch Farm

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Let Sheep saftley graze.

A Message from Lindsey Morgan of Puddleditch Farm about sheep grazing in their field.

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We have 151 pregnant ewes grazing our fields at Stinchcombe, these sheep have an electric fence surrounding the field but all public rights of way are left clear and accessible we have also placed notices at the start of each footpath explaining that dog walkers must keep their dogs on leads and keep to the designated footpaths, it will only be for a few weeks and in theory this is what should happen all the time.

We have also put a sign on the bridle path gate explaining that this is not a right of way and to access the field they must go on the right of way. 

One person has already complained that they always let their dog have a good free run across the fields and can’t understand why they can’t do that now.

Let us hope that we have no problems

Kind regards