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Post Box Update

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By Kath Hudson, update as of 14th February:

• 17 known individual complaints to Royal Mail

• 17 survey responses (electronic)

• 10 survey responses (paper)

Keep those survey responses coming  – if your household used the post box near the church even occasionally I want to hear from you now!  The more replies the bigger the impact.

The survey link is

Tell friends and neighbours who may still be unaware of the survey.  Contact me for copies of the paper version on or 01453 542132.

It’s good to see our District Councillors rallying round – Ken Tucker assisting with the map analysis and Catherine Braun contacting Royal Mail on our behalf.

Thanks to Andy Hamilton and Ken, we are building a strong case based on post box coverage.  Royal Mail aims for 98% of delivery points within ½ mile (805 metres) of their nearest post box.  With the loss of a post box, our parish as a whole has slipped further below this.  Focussing on the specific area now served by the post box on The Street, coverage is now well below 90%.

By combining the coverage statistics with the survey results, we can hit Royal Mail with a community-wide mega-complaint! 

 I aim to submit this by the end of February, so if you want to be part of it, don’t delay.