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Post Box update

I recently chased Royal Mail Customer Services for a progress update as it was 4 weeks since they said they had  decided to replace the post box near St Cyr’s. 

Apparently the report on the utility search, checking for underground services, is due back week commencing 15th April.  When they have that, Royal Mail engineers will undertake a CAT scan to ensure that the works will not disrupt any services and that there are no health and safety issues. 

After that they write to the local planning department for their comments/permission, which takes on average 3 weeks.  As soon as they receive confirmation from the Council, they will make an instruction for the works to take place.  

The local Collection Manager predicted a maximum of 15-19 weeks (from 7th April) for the new post box to be in place.  It all seems very slow and over the top for a replacement box.  We can either accept that it is going to be a few more months before we finally get our post box back or make an appeal to the Postal Review Panel. 

I would be interested to know what people think – email   

BBC Radio Gloucestershire have recently been showing an interest in the story and the Gazette were keen to do a follow-up article so it should be possible to generate some more publicity if we need it.   

Kath Hudson