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Parish Council Vacancy

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In the wake of the sad death of David Leggate, the Council’s Chair, Marian Shaw has stepped into that role and there is now a vacancy for another Councillor.

As a very small Parish, with only five Councillors, we have already been finding it difficult to ensure our quorum of three and have recently had to cancel or postpone meetings, so it is essential that the vacancy is filled as soon as possible.

Councillors are asked to attend regular meetings, which are currently on a bi-monthly basis, and in between much of the work of the Council is carried out by email. Initially, the appointment would only be until the AGM in May and although we would hope to find a more permanent member, this could give someone who’s interested a chance to find out what’s involved and reach a decision without too big an initial commitment.

If you would like to help or would like any more information, please contact Marian Shaw (542604, or Nola Bradley (544611,