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phonebox11Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated (with apologies to Mark Twain)

You may all be aware that the phone box on The Street has been scheduled for removal by BT.  You may also have read Richard Bartlam’s poignant article in the recent e-news lamenting its demise.  However, I’m glad to report that this isn’t the case; the Parish Council have decided to adopt our iconic phone box – a little bit of England’s heritage retained in our own village.  This of course may raise a few questions:

Why? The Council felt that the phone box is a reminder of times gone by, it acts as a landmark in the village as a symbol of our heritage and that it would be a pity to lose it.    

What would it be used for?  It will no longer house a telephone so it would not have an obvious function.  In other areas, redundant phone boxes have been used to house Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs or ‘defibs’) or as a book exchange.  Any suggestions for its use would be most welcome.

Why now? In the past, the Parish Council did not adopt the phone box because there were concerns that people might be annoyed to discover that there wasn’t a phone in the box and might vandalise it as a consequence.  Now that almost everyone has a mobile phone, it was felt that this was an unlikely situation. 

Who is going to look after it? We live in litigious times and it may be that the Council will need to insure the box; this is being investigated.  There will also be a need to maintain the phone box, which will need willing volunteers. 

It also raises one final question (which was originally going to be the title of this article): Anyone got any red paint?