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Parish Council

The Stinchcombe Parish Council Members are:

This is a list of the current members of the Stinchcombe Parish Council.

Mrs Marian Shaw ( Chair)

Mrs Shaw has been a member of the council for many years and has chaired it for the last three years. Marian Shaw also held the position 2013-16

Ms Trudy Chinn

Ms Chinn has lived in this area for many years and in Stinchcombe since 2009. She has always been interested in and cared about the areas in which she has lived and takes an active part in village life. Trudy founded the History Society in 2017, has served on the Village Hall Committee and has been involved in various fund-raising activities. In her working life Trudy held a variety of management roles and is now currently semi-retired, though very busy.

Ms Kath Hudson

Ms Hudson is a former social worker and environmental consultant who has lived in the village for over 20 years. Kath is also involved in conservation work on Stinchcombe Hill and village litter-picks amongst other projects. Kath is also is dealing with the registration of the village green on behalf of the Council.

Mr Simon Packer

Mr Packer has been living in Stinchcombe since 1999. He has brought up his three children in the village. He now feels he would like to make a contribution to the village by joining the Council.

Clerk to the Council – Mrs Nola Bradley

Wardens and Representatives

The Current Wardens are:

  • Mr Ian Kirkham – Tree Warden
  • Chris Snellock – Footpaths Warden
  • Mr Charlie Oakhill – Snow and Flood Warden
  • Mr Richard Cheetham – Play Equipment warden
  • Mrs Julie Thomas – Representative to Stinchcombe United Charities
  • Mr Russ Holloway – Representative to Dursley United Charities

Local Councillors

Stroud district Council

  • Cllr Ken Tucker
  • Cllr Catherine Braun
  • Cllr George James


View the Code of Conduct for members of Stinchcombe Parish Council and the current registration of member’s interests under Downloads or at Stroud District Council

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