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New Recycling Services

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Some important points to note from Stroud District Council who are responsible for the new recycling and waste disposal system now operating in the parish area.

Ø We would ask householders to be patient with us during the first few weeks as collections may take longer.

The first few weeks of the improved service present some operational challenges with crews getting adjusted to new collection rounds / vehicles and households potentially presenting a higher volume of material. In light of this it is likely that collections will continue into the evening as crews work to complete their rounds. We would ask that householders present their waste at 0600hrs on the day of collection and do not ring the council until the next day to report a missed collection.

Ø Dealing with households who place the wrong items in the recycling containers

It is anticipated that there will be 2 main scenarios that arise from the new system. Firstly, households may mix up the recycling that should go in the kerbside box and the wheelie bin. If this happens, Veolia will empty the containers and leave behind a white label with amber writing headed “Please note”. This label will ask the householder to make sure that on the next collection day the right materials are put on the right container.

The other scenario relates to residents who have placed non dry recycling in the wheelie bin, like landfill waste. If a householder does this, Veolia will not be able to empty the bin. Instead they will apply a white label with red writing headed “Sorry”. This label will ask the householder to remove the material from the bin and present it for collection on the next scheduled date. Every day Veolia will report addresses where these labels have been issued to the Customer Service Centre. These properties will then be visited by officers from the Neighbourhood Warden Team and the Public Space Service. After speaking to the householder, if they are unable to remove the non-recyclable material from the bin, we will arrange for it be emptied.