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New Charges for bulk waste collections

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Charges for bulky waste collections come in as part of waste and recycling changes

Stroud District Council is introducing charges for the collection of bulky waste items such as furniture, washing machines and other white goods at the start of an overall programme of changes to household waste and recycling collections. Until now, the council has been one of only a few across the country to have provided the service for free.

Councillor Simon Pickering, chair of the council’s environment committee, said:

“We have collected items such as fridges, three-piece suites and televisions from households which contact us at no charge, but of course it does come at a cost to the tax payer. We currently spend £165,000 a year on the service and with reductions in support from central government we have to make some pragmatic decisions. The money saved will also help us improve waste and recycling services for every household as we roll out a garden waste collection service early next year and a weekly food waste collection service before the end of 2016.”

From 14 September this year anyone contacting the council to have bulky waste collected will be charged £15 for the collection of up to three items. Additional items will be charged at £5 per item. These charges are low compared to those of other councils in the area.

Councillor Pickering added:

“National research shows that charging for such collections does not increase fly-tipping, however we will of course be monitoring the impact of the changes closely. At the same time as introducing the charges we are building relationships with local charities which are interested in collecting unwanted items for reuse so many items could still me collected for free.”

As part of a package of improvements, in February next year, the council will also introduce an optional, garden waste collection service for households who want it. There will be a one-off £20 charge for the garden waste bin and a £36 annual fee.

However, the biggest changes come in towards the end of 2016 with the introduction of a weekly food waste collection service. Food waste currently makes up almost a third of the rubbish that goes to landfill.  At the same time, wheelie-bins will be introduced for the fortnightly collection of the remaining waste, although some households with restricted access or space will continue with black bags.

Councillor Pickering added:

“We’ve made these changes by getting the views of residents and are confident that they will be an improvement.  Charging for bulky waste collections will help support the programme of service changes. This will allow us to recycle more and waste less, leading to environmental savings and a reduction in the amount of tax we all have to pay for landfill waste.”

Between 7-11 September this year every household in the district will receive a copy of the council’s annual newsletter which provides an overview of the changes to waste and recycling services over the next 14 months.

Further information on the changes is available at:

Anyone interested in booking a bulky waste collection should call 01453 754424 or visit