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Neighbourhood Watch

People have asked about Neighbourhood Watch. Is it still going? Who controls it? etc.

Well, to be honest, I don’t know but it now seems to run under the website called “OUR Watch” at together with other scheme like  “Neighbourhood Alert” at which I will come back to later.

(I have since been told that changes were made so that the new GDPR regulations were complied to, which makes sense by the NHW Coordinator).

Anyone can join the Neighbourhood Watch on “Our Watch” and it only takes a few minutes. In Stinchcombe it shows only one scheme on the Street, but no others for the village. (So that group down Wick Lane run by that rogue on the corner are just a group of vigilantes!)  However by joining you can sign up in one place for emails from all relevant authorities including The Police, Fire, Gas, Electricity and Gov.

If you are interested in running and organising your Local Watch, you can also download help and advice.

I understand that our local representative for Gloucestershire Phil Sullivan is still around, but how effective one person is for the whole of Gloucestershire, I don’t know. 

I would be interested if anyone has any comments to make on the system. Does it work? Does it help? etc.  To me all the interaction seems to be one way and any comments /  emails I have sent up have not have any reply.

On another topic, I did mention the another system in the country..
“Neighbourhood Alert” at  I had a person contact me recently who was worried about SCAMS and especially TELEPHONE SCAMS. On the other system there is an EXCELLENT publication called “The Little Book of Scams” by the Cheshire Police and it can be downloaded from here . Unfortunately they are are a fact of life these days along with computer viruses and malware. We just have to be aware.