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Missing – Old Hill Lane Post Box

Oldhill Lane Post Box

What is it with Stinchcombe and post boxes?

What is it with Stinchcombe and post boxes?  Less than 18 months since we successfully campaigned to have the one near St Cyr’s restored, the post box on Old Hill Lane, off Taits Hill Road, has been removed.  After repeated reassurances that it would be replaced, Royal Mail have now changed their minds.  

Are we going to meekly accept this?  No!  People who live nearby will shortly be getting a questionnaire through their letterbox.  If you miss the post box and want it back, please complete the questionnaire as soon as possible and return it to the address given.

Others may have found this a convenient post box en route to/from the A38.  If you used it, even if it was only occasionally, you can support our campaign by accessing the questionnaire electronically at:

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