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Jenner Museum

Show the world what Dr Jenner’s House means to you!

Announcement from the Jenner Museum.

We want to show how science can change the world for the better. Each year we welcome 5,000 visitors to the birthplace of vaccination to tell them a story that takes us from Berkeley in the 1790s to Somalia in the 1980s, to the eradication of a feared disease, and to a future where vaccines continue to save millions of lives every year.

In recent years the maintenance of this historic building has placed huge strain on our finances. 

Up until now we have been able to meet our annual £20,000 deficit from our reserves, but this is no longer possible. If we can’t raise £20,000 by March 2019 then Dr Jenner’s House, Museum and Garden will sadly have to close.

We are currently pursuing a number of options to secure the long-term future of the site and reduce our reliance on charitable giving but in the meantime we need your help.

Further details at –

There is a photo call in the museum car park at 10.45 on Saturday 20th October to show support for the museum and publicize the fundraising campaign.  We would like as many people as possible to be there so it will be followed by FREE ENTRY to the museum and garden (for that day only).  Hopefully this will be attended by the local media.