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Fruit Exchange

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The Fruit Exchange is back for the third year! We are looking to save more fruit (and veg and nuts) than ever this year and hope that you might be able to help in spreading the word. We are also hoping to recruit volunteer ‘fruit wardens’ to help us do this.

A huge amount of fruit goes to waste every year in people’s gardens, allotments and in the countryside. The Fruit Exchange connects people who have surplus fruit and other fresh produce with businesses which are willing to use it.

The Fruit Exchange relies on people caring about waste enough to do something about it. We can all do our bit! A fruit warden could be anyone who has a little spare time to volunteer to help us save fruit. We need fruit wardens to help us:

– Distribute posters and flyers (provided by us).

– Communicate with local pubs, cafes, restaurants and juice bars about taking part.

– Keep an eye out for fruit which is going to waste and communicate with the householder about the project.

– Try to enroll volunteers to help where necessary.

– Help with harvesting and/or delivering fruit for those who physically can’t.

For more information please see our website: