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Des Summers’ seat

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Des Summers was a resident of Stinchcombe and lived in the Swedish Houses.

Several years ago a bench dedicated to his memory was given by the Stinchcombe Silver Band and erected in front of his former home.

Sadly the original was vandalised last year and a replacement bench has been provided by Stinchcombe Parish Council.  Des Summers was a very proactive member of the local community, being involved in almost all of the activities that went on in the village in his day, including bell ringing, the Stinchcombe Silver Band the Village Hall (of which he was the volunteer caretaker and apparently it is largely due to his efforts that Stinchcombe still has a Village Hall).

Several members of Des’ family still live in the area, and together with local residents, were keen for the damaged seat to be replaced.

Many thanks are due to Tony Wannell, Richard Cheetham and Chris (the current owner of Des’ house) for their hard work in installing the new bench.

Please take a few moments to sit and enjoy this year’s wonderful daffodil display and in the summer to watch the cricket.

Des’ daughters have fond memories of sitting on the bench with their Dad watching the cricket on the Stragglers Field.