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phonebox11I see from the current planning applications on the website the end is in sight for the only phone box in the village.

It has stood there outside the village hall for years as an unwanted sentinel reminding of times past before iphones and google.

Untiring in the service it has given for the village.

Unrewarded, unloved, uncared for and underused.

How many romantic trysts did it see within its glass walls?

How many people under 10 have actually ever used a public payphone.?

Are we the last generation to see a public payphone?

When was it last used?

A bit of village history that will soon pass by.

So say good bye, as it will soon disappear to be sold for scrap.

Will this mean that people will once again have to use a phone in the “OLD POST OFFICE” in the street as they used to before the Telephone box?


Please please, send in to me your Poems of the last Stinchcombe phone box and I will publish them on the website.