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Village Hall

The Witches of Malmesbury


by Tony McAleavy

In 1672, the north Wiltshire town of Malmesbury was swept by witchcraft hysteria. Leading families were convinced that their children were under attack from an organised coven of witches. Fourteen people were arrested as members of the coven. Visiting speaker Tony McAleavy has researched this little-known episode using sources that survive from the time. He will tell the story of the witches of Malmesbury and what happened when some of the accused were sent for trial in Salisbury.

  7.30 pm Friday 21st February

Stinchcombe Village Hall

Entrance £3, all welcome

                                                        Free glass of Witches’ Brew

Dursley Flower Society

The next Dursley Flower Society meeting is on

Monday 10th February at
Stinchcombe Village Hall
1.30pm for 2.00pm

“Gardening for Bees”
Alan Wells

The Dursley and District Flower Society meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 1.30pm for 2pm at Stinchcombe Village Hall, GL11 6AW.

Membership costs £30 per year.  Visitors are also very welcome to join us at our meetings, and the entrance fee per meeting is £6.00.

Quiz Night


Take your mind off Brexit
and give it some exercise instead at the

Stinchcombe Village Quiz Night

Friday 27th September, 7.30pm
Stinchcombe Village Hall

£3 per person, max 6 in a team

Soft drinks and snacks on sale or bring your own alcohol for £1 per head corkage.

No need to pre-book. Call 544611 for more information

Charity begins at Home

7.30 pm Friday 13th September

Stinchcombe Village Hall

Entrance £3

An illustrated talk about the Stinchcombe Charities, based on research by Trudy Chinn & Kath Hudson going back to the early 17th Century. 

Topics will include:

  • how the charities came into being  
  • profiles of the benefactors
  • who ran the charities and what it involved
  • examples of how the money was spent over the years
  • challenges faced, including that of an executor who spent the charity bequest!
  • the role of Stinchcombe United Charities today