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News from Stinchcombe Parish Council

The missing panels

Phone Box Vandal Confesses

Phone Box Update by Nola

I confess – I am the phone box vandal! After much delay, the Parish Council has finally got round to replacing Telephone with “Stinchcombe” in the upper panels.

I took all the original “Telephone” panels out in case they could be reused, however unfortunately they can’t. I did put three of them back loosely in place to try to keep the rain out but they’ve obviously fallen out, so if any tall person happens to be passing with some duct tape….

I’ve no idea when the new panels will be ready (Dave who’s making them has a lot in common with the mills of God) but they will need to be sealed in place, so if you’re handy with a mastic gun your expertise would be much appreciated.

Please email me if you can help.

App Charity COVID-19 Fun Information Phone Box Testing TGIF Tyndale

Computer Keyboard with Accessibility keys

WCAG 2.1

The problems of a web editor

What is the problem

Websites should now meet the web accessibility guidelines WCAG 2.1 set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Also under the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 in the UK. This causes problems for a part-time web editor like me.

This means that the government websites must abide by certain rules in:

  • layout
  • the way posts are written
  • the design
  • and 14 other areas.

Why is this coming about

Our aging population is forced to rely on the internet for basic access to important information. So, web technologies must evolve to meet the needs of these users to ensure they don’t become alienated from society, cut off from important news, resources, or social network communications.

This is especially important for those with dementia or cognitive impairments related to strokes or brain injuries. It’s also crucial to provide more accessible interfaces for those with intellectual challenges in the form of autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, or memory and reasoning impairments, just to name a few.

We need to change how we view impairments or disabilities. Instead of these defining a person’s health condition, we should view them as a mismatched human interaction.

Doing this helps change the thought process going forward in adopting an inclusive-Web-design-first approach. Also, remember not all impairments are necessarily permanent. This is true if you’ve ever had your arm in a cast or a sling with your dominant hand encumbered. Your ability to access the web via keyboard or even a touch screen can be impaired at any time.

How our website is changing

The good news is that the website is already 92% compliant. However some work will be done on the following:

The Content

At present, the Village Website is written in a “conversation style” with the odd “acerbic comment” thrown in for good measure. Computers do not like sentences using a “passive voice” and I need to use more things like “transition words“. Unfortunately, according to the software, even this page has too much “passive voice”

The Layout

Up to now the website has been laid out for looks only. Although adequate for most readers, people with visual needs or people with artificial intelligence computers or people using a Text to Speech (TTS) web browser, need pages and content laid out in a specific order. Likewise, all pages and pictures must be clearly labelled so computers can find them.

Already done

On the Homepage, a new Wheelchair Icon has been added on the left. This accesses a new Accessibility Menu to help readers with impaired vision. Please let me know if you use it and find it useful. Other “behind the scenes” work has already been done to old pages and posts using new software to correct old mistakes.


I don’t mean to bore you with the above, but I thought that you might be interested. The Parish Council strives to keep the website up to date, informative, legal and compliant.


Stinchcombe Parish Council - A community with Spirit

Parish Council Vacancy

Another vacancy has arisen as Cllr Trudy Chinn has decided to stand down after three years on the Council.
She has made a very valuable contribution to the council and we are very grateful for her hard work. Fortunately, when there was a vacancy recently, a second person expressed interest in joining the PC, so hopefully, this vacancy can be filled quickly and easily!




That a casual vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Stinchcombe Parish Council.

If by Monday 7 September 2020 a request for an election to fill said vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at the address below by TEN electors for the said Parish, an election will be held to fill the vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

Dated 18 August 2020

Signed  Nola Bradley

Clerk to the Parish Council of Stinchcombe

Returning Officer
Stroud District Council
Council Offices, Ebley Mill
Ebley Wharf, Stroud

Carbon Neutral 2030

Help Stroud District Become Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neural Commitment

To help meet the Stroud District Council Carbon Neutral Commitment by 2030, SDC has been working with Transition Stroud. Transition Stroud support community-based Climate Action Networks right across the District.  These Networks are working on local projects to reduce carbon emissions. From tree planting to transport, energy efficiency to renewables and waste reduction. 

A Carbon Neutral Mapping Team from the District’s Climate Action Networks are currently working on an  opens in a new windowonline map of existing community-based low carbon projects and would be very grateful for your help.

A short survey

Please fill in a short survey to understand people’s interest in community-based projects that help lower carbon emissions in our local area. 

They are asking as many people as possible to complete the 2 minute survey – using this website link.

Some members of the PC have already completed it. Is very quick and easy. Obviously, the higher number of responses the better able they will be to move forward. 

All responses are anonymous.  Please complete the survey by Monday 31 August.

The Draft Stroud District Climate Strategy and master plan will be published in September. Also a timetable of consultation and engagement events to allow interested groups and individuals to give their views. This will help shape the final document.

Latest posts

Pyke Quarry – Wednesday Openings

Open on Wednesday!

The Household Recycling Centre at Pyke Quarry will be temporarily opened on Wednesdays from 19th August to make more booking slots available.


To limit the number of people on-site pre-booking was introduced earlier this year at all five of the county’s Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) to enable social distancing, with measures in place to help keep visitors and staff safe.


The booking system has a limited number of timed slots available each day and visitors can book up to 21 days in advance. Bookings can be made online at  opens in a new

Waiting times for a visit to Hempsted, Wingmoor Farm, Oak Quarry and Fosse Cross HRCs are currently less than a week, with next day availability on occasions at some sites. However, due to its popularity, the delay before a visit can be made to Pyke Quarry, Horsley is significantly longer.

To help reduce this wait, Pyke Quarry HRC will be opening on its normal Wednesday closure day from 19th August, as a temporary measure, until further notice.

Visitors to all sites are reminded that vehicles should only have drivers wherever possible. Site staff must socially distance and are unable to help with unloading so one passenger is permitted to assist. Crucially, anyone with covid-19 symptoms and those in self-isolating households MUST NOT visit.

Latest Posts


Road Works Started

Taits Hill Road Works

The Road Works have started on Taits Hill Road. Opposite Yew Tree Pub to Lay new Gas service from 5th Aug until 11th Aug. opens in a new window

From the 14th to 26th it’s for the Carriageway Resurfacing on the hill opens in a new window with the road closed 7pm until 7am.

Other Road Works

Also from the 14th until 26th, there is resurfacing of the B4066 Berkeley Road. opens in a new window

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