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Non PC News.

Smashing the Menopause Support Group has officially landed

Despite the limitations brought about by Covid 19, the Smashing the Menopause Support Group has officially landed! 

Six of us, all at different stages of the menopause and all with very different experiences of it, met for the first time yesterday evening via Zoom.  Although nicer to have been able to meet in person, the hour and a half spent together over the internet was great and we’ve decided to meet monthly from now on. 

If there’s anyone else out there who’d value a confidential and supportive space in which to off-load, learn and laugh about the menopause, you’re more than welcome to join us.  Just contact Chris at and you’ll be included in next month’s Zoom invitation.

Stay well; stay safe.

Church Mailing List

The Mailchimp Mailing list St George have been using for a while, so that it can be used for both (or either) St George and/or St Cyr.

The signup form now asks ‘Which Church?’. This will make it easier to follow guidelines on data protection, for us to send you updates more accurately and allows you to unsubscribe.

Please join our email list if you would like to be kept informed of events & services.

Sunday every day

Maybe we should all change direction, and take less foreign travel, have more home grown food, keep weekends for family, and enjoy nature and the simpler things in life and just take time and slow down and enjoy the countryside for what it is.

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