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The Village Pump

Jane Lampard – New Website

One of our local artists has been busy during lockdown and has a new website….

It’s a bit slow to load, but shows all her current paintings for sale. Also you can subscribe to her mailing list.

Jane Lampard has been painting for more than thirty years. Largely self taught but influenced early on in her career by artists such as Aubrey Philips and James Fletcher Watson. Working in both oil and pastel Jane uses layers of paint to build up depth and texture in her highly atmospheric paintings. A need to record the subtleties of our ever changing landscape motivates her to work outside whenever possible. A sense of being in the moment and experiencing fleeting effects of light always more important than a faithful portrayal of detail.

From a farming family herself Jane is particularly drawn towards depicting traditional rural life especially at a time when she feels our whole landscape is under threat of change. The lure of the sea is never far away and whenever possible Jane makes trips to coastal locations from Cornwall to the West coast of Scotland.

Jane has earned a reputation as an inspiring teacher and runs occasional workshops from her studio in Gloucestershire. She has also tutored small groups in Provence, Venice, Morocco and Andalucia and for the last 20 years has held annual solo exhibitions at her home. Her work has been exhibited with the Pastel Society, the Royal West of England Academy, the Society of Women Artists as well as several leading provincial galleries.

2010 Winner of the John Singer Sergeant Award.

Rights of Way online map

How many people use an online map on their phone when walking or cycling? We are lucky to live in a country where there are so many established footpaths and cycle paths with more adding to the network every year. Check all the local footpaths at

All the information below can be found at

What is a public right of way?

Public rights of way are open to everyone at any time and give you the right to walk, ride a horse or cycle along certain routes. Some rights of way are open to vehicles.

Report a problem on a Public Right of Way online

You can use the Public Rights of Way (PRoW) form to report a problem with:

  • a sign
  • an animal
  • an obstruction
  • overgrown vegetation
  • the misuse of a path
  • cropping
  • ploughing
  • a structure on the path
  • the surface of a path

If you have any other issues please contact