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Gossip around the village pump.

Bug Hotel

New Multi-Storey Hotel

New Multi-Storey Hotel built on the outskirts of Stinchcombe

A new Multi-Storey has been unveiled, without planning permission, at Leaf & Ground. A popular venue on the village outskirts. The builder, Mr J. Pinch has been quoted as saying it was built from, snail shells, corks, twigs and cones.

No Planning Permission or Building Control

It is understood that the Hotel has been built without Planning Permission or Building Control and that SDC is unaware of the effect a new Multi Storey Hotel will have on the local skyline

New Tenants

Mr Pinch was hoping the the new Tenants would soon be arriving in the area and that the Hotel would soon be fully occupied.

Further advice

If you would like to complain please see the following helpful links

App Charity COVID-19 Fun Information Phone Box Testing TGIF Tyndale

Tyndale Arts Week

Tyndale Arts Week 2020

Tyndale Arts Week 2020

Tyndale Arts Week is over the weekend of 3-4 October 2020. The works in the exhibition will be exhibited at Kingshill House, Dursley Tabernacle, the Methodist and St James’s churches.

A full online brochure with details of all artists and venues can be seen and downloaded at the Tyndale website.


Founded in 2017, Tyndale Arts Week showcases the best work from local artists and makers from the Dursley area. It includes several from Stinchcombe. These include painters, photographers, sculptors and those who work in textiles, ceramics, glass, mosaics and much more.


All venues have been risk assessed and COVID-19 precautions will be taken to ensure visitor safety.
Visitors will be asked to:

  • Sanitize hands before entry
  • To wear masks inside the venues
  • To provide contact details for Track and Trace.

App Charity COVID-19 Fun Information Phone Box Testing TGIF Tyndale

Helping Hands

Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation 2020

Educational Grants Available

This is the time of year when Grants are once again available from the Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation. Grants are available for any Students in the Parish of Stinchcombe who are in any of the following:

  • Adult Education
  • University
  • College
  • Apprenticeships

N.B. To receive a grant you must be aged 18.

Anyone who lives in the Parish of Stinchcombe can apply for a grants from:

Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation
(Charity number: 272353)
For help with the purchase of Books etc.

How to Apply to the Matthew Tyndall Foundation

Apply in writing to:

Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation
Mrs C Cooke c/o
3 Coombe Gardens,
GL11 6AP

Apply by email:

email the Clerk

Cut off Date for Grant Applications

31st October 2020

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon spotted

Peregrine Falcon in Stinchcombe?

This photo was sent in today by Gareth Jones of a bird sitting on the roof of The Cottages, Wick Lane. He believes it is a Peregrine Falcon. I don’t think he lives here, (the Peregrine that is) so he must be on holiday. Unless someone else has spotted him. If so, please let me know.

Thank you Gareth for sending this in.

PS. Gareth has lived in Wick Lane for over 50 years. Almost a local !!

Peregrine Falcon on roof in Wick Lane.

For further information on Peregrines

father V son, bike v ebike

Lowsley-Williams v Lowsley-Williams

Or Father V Son

Filmed in and around Chavenage House this video shows an ebike ride along some of our local country lanes.

Despite being the father of an ex professional cyclist, George Lowsley-Williams, also known as Hank’s dad, hasn’t ridden a bike in over 20 years! Hank decided it was time for this to change, and invited his old man out on one of his training loops so they could ride together for the first time. Luckily for George, he had assistance in the form of an Orbea E-Bike so he could give Hank a run for his money on the hills!

“Absolutely excellent video in every way—great quality, brilliant editing, hilariously funny and in places quite touching. GCN at it’s best”. GH.

Lowsley-Williams v Lowsley-Williams – Regular Bike v eBike

COVID-19 Testing at DRC

Stinchcombe has it’s own testing Centre

COVID Testing Centre in Stinchcombe

I cycled back from shopping in Cam today. As I passed the Rugby Club I noticed that we now have our very own Testing Centre. It is situated in the Dursley Rugby Club car park in a tent. I wonder whether if I asked on-line for a test, would I get sent there? It is certainly closer than Gloucester, or Cardiff.

Previous Post about COVID testing in Stinchcombe

Village Gossip

Dursley Rugby Club Logo

Rugby Club restart

September has arrived, and the rugby season with it!

Although things are very different, the club will be restarting more rugby activity from this weekend, particularly regarding the return of Mini & Youth rugby from Sunday 6th September.

The club has carefully planned this, with arrangements put in place to manage things in accordance with guidance from government and the Rugby Football Union.

Matches against other clubs are not yet allowed. So all Dursley groups will be training at home for now. To manage the numbers we have staggered arrival and departure times to prevent overcrowding.

We will, as always, manage the car parking carefully and do our best to avoid any problems on the roads. We will also prevent people using the Village Hall car park.

Training will also be continuing on weekday evenings for some groups, along with some bookings and events in the clubhouse. For the time being there will be no matches on a Saturday as this is not yet allowed.

Any queries, please direct these to Simon Bilous, Club Chairman.

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