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Local History

The Witches of Malmesbury


by Tony McAleavy

In 1672, the north Wiltshire town of Malmesbury was swept by witchcraft hysteria. Leading families were convinced that their children were under attack from an organised coven of witches. Fourteen people were arrested as members of the coven. Visiting speaker Tony McAleavy has researched this little-known episode using sources that survive from the time. He will tell the story of the witches of Malmesbury and what happened when some of the accused were sent for trial in Salisbury.

  7.30 pm Friday 21st February

Stinchcombe Village Hall

Entrance £3, all welcome

                                                        Free glass of Witches’ Brew

The Cotswold Navy

Stinchcombe History Society

The Cotswold Navy

A talk given by Paul Barnett, Maritime Historian & researcher since 2006

Paul has spent many years in the Navy both Royal and Merchant, he came ashore in 1999 and has been greatly fascinated with both local and military history at a research level ever since.

Landlocked as Gloucestershire is, with only the River Severn running gently through its midst, this talk explores the regions inseparable connection to the sea via its maritime fleet of locally named vessels and the counties role to finance the depleted navy during warship week of 1942.

At Stinchcombe Village Hall, Friday 1st November, 7.30, £3.00 entrance,  membership not necessary.

Geo-Physics and Metal Detecting Day

10am – 4pm
Sunday 22nd September
at The Old Parsonage 
by kind permission of Heidi Pay

Join Stinchcombe History Society with Archeoscan for a survey at the Old Parsonage.  Archeoscan has wide experience of working with local community groups on various archaeological projects, including surveys like this one. They provide the equipment and the expertise while the community provides the manpower for a hands-on experience.   Read more at and on Twitter @archeoscan. 

Old maps and documents suggest that there are lost buildings in the Old Parsonage’s garden. We will be looking for traces of these using resistivity techniques.  We will also use metal detectors to seek objects from the Old Parsonage’s varied history as a Church House used for parish celebrations (and for brewing the ale consumed), parsonage and family home.

There will be a charge of £5 per person for participation, to go towards Archeoscan’s fee.  If you just come for a quick look we would request a small donation.  No special clothing is required for resistivity surveys, unlike magnetometry, but wear sensible footwear.

Heidi Pay, the owner of the Old Parsonage, is happy for people to eat a packed lunch in the garden if they wish.  She has kindly offered to provide drinks and toilet facilities.

Charity begins at Home

7.30 pm Friday 13th September

Stinchcombe Village Hall

Entrance £3

An illustrated talk about the Stinchcombe Charities, based on research by Trudy Chinn & Kath Hudson going back to the early 17th Century. 

Topics will include:

  • how the charities came into being  
  • profiles of the benefactors
  • who ran the charities and what it involved
  • examples of how the money was spent over the years
  • challenges faced, including that of an executor who spent the charity bequest!
  • the role of Stinchcombe United Charities today

Churchyard Tour

Some of you may be interested in an event on Wednesday 31st July . Trudy and Kath  ( Stinchcombe historical society) will take us on a tour of the churchyard at 7.30pm. to share the wonderful stories that are connected with our village and church. After  we will retire  into the church for wine, cheese and biscuits. any donations will go towards the upkeep of the church.

Written in Stone

Stinchcombe History Society

Written in Stone:
Recording the Gravestones of St Cyr’s

Trudy Chinn & Kath Hudson

  • Surprise discoveries, including the oldest gravestones at St Cyr’s
  • Mysteries solved and a few theories for you to consider
  • Some of the people and stories behind the stones (17th century to 1940s)
  • Tips for your own churchyard or cemetery recording project
  • A small exhibition of monumental recording resources and aids

7.30 pm Friday 5th April 2019
Stinchcombe Village Hall
All Welcome; Entry £3