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Cam and Dursley Station Travel Plan

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FolloDursley Stationwing a review and subsequent amendments over the course of the last few months, the Cam and Dursley Station Travel Plan is now available to view and download in the download section of the website.

A Station Travel Plan is a living document and is subject to change over the course of the plan period thereby this document should not be considered as rigid and flexible but simply the foundations on which to base future work. 

Supplementary documents and research should build on the studies conducted over the course of developing the plan. The release of the plan now marks a period in which proposals can start to take shape around and in relation to the station. 

In terms of next steps, the plan proposes developing a select group of individuals to form a steering group to help guide and implement the ‘Action Plan’ over the course of the next five years. 

Individuals who are comfortable and willing to be responsible for helping deliver the plan should notify the Parish Council

This is an opportunity to really understand roles and responsibilities and to ultimately begin with increasing the exposure of the plan and proceeding to implement some quick win interventions.