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A Christmas Carol

A full coach of theatre-goers enjoyed a very professional and interesting production of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’  at Stratford on Friday.  An excellent meal at a nearby hostelry,  just a short walk from the recently revamped  theatre, provided an excellent start to the evening.The theatre has been completely transformed , and was a real treat for those in the party who had not seen it before and  the new layout meant that the audience was fully involved and was enthralled by a  thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining version of an old story with many modern twists. A short walk back to the coach and a quick and comfortable ride home rounded off a perfect evening.


Having enjoyed five productions in this first year of the Theatre Club, we owe a big debt of gratitude to Richard Bartlam. Firstly for getting the whole thing off the ground, not only organising everything but also financing everything in the initial stages. And then selecting a varied and very enjoyable program and ensuring (with one notable exception!) reliable transport. He has also done all this with the Friends of St. Cyr in mind to whom any profit has been donated. I am sure Richard would be very grateful for any help with all the organising that is needed for the Club to continue.Please contact him if you are prepared to help.

Russ Holloway